Education is vital to us and our children. Don Hewett will support less bureaucracy in our schools! Let our teacher teach!

Social Security

Don Hewett will defend your Social Security. You earned this and you paid for it! It is yours, not the federal government's money to squander.


Anyone who has made the sacrifices for us, their brothers and sisters deserves our respect and support. We will treat our veterans with the respect and dignity that they earned.


This is the only home that we have, both locally and globally. There is no one else that will clean our birdcage for us. We need to find ways to keep our planet clean and not destroy it, without destroying our economy. It is all we have.

Rights and Laws

Don Hewett will work to maintain all of your rights and freedoms. We need less interference in our lives and not more interference from our government. If we do not protect our rights now, what rights will be left to us in the future?

Health Care

Don Hewett will work to protect our healthcare system. Don Hewett is for any health care system that provides good, quality health insurance to all American citizens without bankrupting us. For example, he would be for keeping the ACA (Obama Care), if we can fix it. We may be able to follow the money, audit the system, and repair it.


Don Hewett supports reducing the size of our federal government. It continues to grow without bounds and needs to be reigned in. It cost us much more each year and delivers less. And yes, Don Hewett supports term limits on our legislators. When Don has completed his job for you, he will come back home.

Service to Community

Don Hewett's life has always been about serving others. He will be grateful that he gets to serve others. It is the blessing that we have in life, we get to serve each other. He would be blessed if you would allow me to serve you. Don says, "after all, life is not about me, it is about all of those around me."

Don Hewett WA-10
A Representative to serve you.

  • If we help each other do better, we will all do better.
  • I will not lie, cheat, or steal, and will not tolerate those who do.
  • We need less government, and not more.
  • We are all brothers and sisters on this planet, lets cherish our differences and respect each other.
  • We all need each other, and together we are stronger.
  • Take care of yourself... The world needs you.

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